General VRV

Commercial Buildings
The Fujitsu General VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system consists of 35 indoor units of nine types so that the customer can choose the unit that is best suited for the room area and the interior decor of its store. For commercial buildings with multiple tenants, the VRF system can use the electricity charge calculation function of the PC controller to calculate the electricity charge for each tenant.
Office Buildings
The Fujitsu General VRF system allows the customer to choose the operation mode (cooling, heating, dehumidification) that matches each office environment. An efficient operation pattern and control temperature can be selected to meet the needs of individual rooms by using the VRF system for central control in the building.
The Fujitsu General VRF system consists of models for compact spaces such as guest rooms, as well as models for large spaces such as lobbies. A comfortable indoor environment preferred by guests can be provided by freely changing the operation mode.