Multi V System

MULTI V Inverter system offers one of the world’s largest capacity units, essential for high-rise buildings. We are proud to say the system will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Low Noise
Latest technology and features are applied to the new outdoor units to reduce noise level. 

Alternate-Cycling Function
» To extend compressors’ life span by operating them alternately
     Inverter A ↔ Inverter B ↔ Inverter C
     Constant A ↔ Constant B ↔ Constant C

 » To meet diverse load in operation

Automatic Back-up
» For emergency, it makes back-up operation possible before
Inverter A, B + Constant B
→ Inverter B + Constant A, B


Error notice in indoor unit : 4 times per day (every 6 hour)

Pump Down & Pump Out

» Pump Down

When indoor units need to replace, refrigerants can be collected to the outdoor unit.

» Pump Out

If left outdoor unit breakdown, refrigerant can be sent to another outdoor and indoor unit during service.

Auto Addressing

Addressing outdoor units and indoor units are automatically done just by pressing the button.

Non-Polarity Transmission Connection

Easy installation and no errors for transmission line connections.

Plate Type SC HEX

» Increased Sub-cooling by highperformance heat exchanger
» Enable to be long piping length and level difference
» More powerful Cooling operation

Cool / Heat Selector

»  Simple central control without Network solution
»  Select operation mode (Air circulation, Cooling, Heating)
»  Mode lock for heating & cooling mixing error-proof during the
   change of season

Separate Front Panel

» Easy access to Main PCB (DIP switch)
» Convenient during service and start-up
» Benefits for Technician, Installer

Other Features

» Resistant to dust, rain, corrosion and others
» Convenient maintenance due to swing door type control box
» Easy to handle through fork lift slot
» Strong base-pan support

Multi V Mini
Multi V Mini can be easily installed in small offices and shops. Designed for low-noise operation, it ensures a pleasant air conditioned environment. Enjoy a clean & comfortable life.

Enhanced Comfort

Enhanced Comfort

Slim & Compact Size

Easy & efficient installation of MULTI V MINI will provide the best solution for small offices and shops.

Max. 9 Indoor Units Connectable

Maximum 9 indoor units can be connected to one single outdoor unit with 130%
indoor unit combination.

− 9 indoor units for 6HP (122%)
− 8 indoor units for 5HP (130%)
− 6 indoor units for 4HP (130%)

Easy to Service

Easy to Service

Multi V Space II
Economic and aesthetic space design MULTI V SPACE II is ideal for refined and luxurious living spaces.

Product Data
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Business Solution

Front Suction & Front Discharge

Front Suction & Front Discharge

»  Right and left side air flow system
»  High speed air discharging (7~8m/sec)
»  No interference between each floors(Efficiency reduction due to hot air back    flow)

Quiet Operation

The noise and vibration are reduced by
− Front discharge
− Sealed structure of outdoor unit

The indoor noise level is maintained at 30~40dBA, as quiet as being in the library.


All technologies in the MULTI V SPACE II which make it a distinctive, unique unit
have been applied for patents domestically and internationally. And, some
of them have already been registered.

Fan RPM Control(E.S.P & Noise Control)

»  Enhanced installation flexibility(Duct application)
»  No need of high static pressureexhaust fan and air guide.
»  Keeping capacity and noise level as desired.

4-step Modularized Design

» Modularized design of the outdoor unit provides simpler installation and     maintenance.
» Outdoor unit can be installed according to overall building construction     schedule.
» Esthetic design of the combined system louver adds refined touch to the     interior.